1. Building construction, Repairs, Renovations.
    We do industrial and domestic building construction, building renovations and repairs, plastering, skimming, walling and Trenching. For all your house, industrial construction, renovations and repairs, plastering, skimming, tilling, painting and walling.
  2. Electrical Installations
    Electricians are needed wherever there is electricity. We have a team of highly experienced electricians that have an intimate knowledge of the latest safety standards and work to a strict code of safety conduct. We can give you exceptional professional services be it in homes, offices, factories, and even farms, carrying out maintenance and repairs, and sometimes designing and installing new systems.
  3. Roofing
    We do work on houses and buildings to build, maintain and repair roofs. We use a variety of tools and materials to get the job done depending on the type of roof.
  4. Ceiling Fittings, Fitted Wardrobes & Kitchens
    We do ceiling installations designs, fitted kitchens and wardrobes to customer specifications
  5. Cement bricks.
    We have a cement brick making plant in Harare, We supply and deliver at Affordable rates.
  6. Dura wall construction with bricks
    We also construct Dura walls with brick walls, be it common bricks, farm bricks or cement bricks at an affordable rate.
  7. Ceiling boards installation and designs.
    We are experts in installing ceiling boards on domestic and industrial buildings and in installing all types of ceilings.
  8. Roofing services.
    We have expertise in installing roofs, reroofing and repairs of old roofs.
  9. Hardware supplies.
    We provide the following, cement, nails, ibr sheets, tiles, plumbing products and electrical products.We have a fully stocked hardware in Greendale Athlone Shops,
  10. Equipment Hire
    We offer best service on all Earth-moving Machinery Hire . (Bull Dozers, Front -end Loaders , Dumb Trucks,JCBs,etc )
    We have competitive Rates to cater for all your job specifications and needs . We thrive to see your job done efficiently and at the same time cost-effective .
    11.Road Construction
    We construct new roads whether from asphalt or concrete or just gravel roads. On tarred roads this requires production of an excellently bonded pavement structure, beginning with a stable base layer and going all the way to a precisely leveled surface course.
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